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Taiwanese Special Tofu 
First in NYC
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Exotic Pork Essence Pot
Taiwanese Special Tofu Pot 
Korean Pork Pot

Pot Pa Hot Pot

Pot Pa is the first authentic Taiwanese hot pot restaurant on the East Coast. We bring the best individual hot pot fast-casual dining experience weather you are riding solo or you are with your friends. In addition to our featured authentic Taiwanese hot pot flavor, we bring 7 other favorite soup flavors from the Far East to the East Coast.

As one of the most representative traditional Taiwan dish, Taiwanese Hot Pot with “stinky tofu” has also become popular in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rule for “stinky tofu” (also described as the Chinese blue cheese) is “the smellier, the better”. Don’t ever let the smell stop you from ordering the food, it is a taste of Taiwan brought to the big city. Besides a great array of fresh ingredients, the signature fermented tofu is rich in healthy bacteria similar to those in yogurt.

Taiwanese Hot Pot

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